The pursuit for processes efficiency imprints the company’s history.
GERENTEC began operations in 1991 developing studies and projects for water supply, wastewater and storm water systems.
Expanded the services to Project Management, Construction and Investment Programs, and also to Transportation Studies and Dwellings. Incorporated trends of multidisciplinary studies with community participation, environmental education and social work. Diversified its activities to support commercial processes of public services.
GERENTEC is now present in most part of Brazil and adds some experiences in Latin America.
Throughout partnerships with local and foreign companies, acquired knowledge and technology in new areas, going deeper in Economic Engineering, Tariff Structures, Institutional improvement and Management Support. The Company develops IT special systems for management support, strategic management of water loss control and also energetic efficiency.
Its structure, in Business Units, concentrates specializations. The BUs work independent or associated, seeking the best arrangement to meet clients objectives.


The diversified experience in consultancy, engineering and services, supported by intensive use of technology including in-house developed systems, provides high efficiency results and solutions.
The strategic use of technological tools enables to process information from different databases and make them available in real time to professionals, from managers to frontline staff.
GERENTEC aligns to demands from society. The active participation of people from the beneficiary communities favors the preservation of social and cultural particularities and it is part of the daily multidisciplinary teams activities.

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